Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lake Powell

Saturday morning we hurried to pack up before the bugs woke up again and headed back to Zion (only about 10 minutes away) to explore a bit on our  way to Lake Powell.

On the way we saw several of these roadside stores selling big sparkly rocks. My kind of thing. And then we continued down the road to Zion. We walked a short trail (there's only one you take doggies on), which was perfect because it was SUPER hot already. There were plenty of openings to dip your feet in the icy water along the way so it was bearable. My crisp & cold apple never tasted so good.

Look at how brave we are. Me: wearing shorts! and Tanner: so deep in the water--right up to his chinny-chin-chin! I guess if its hot enough he becomes filled with courage!
After our hike we drove through Zion amazed by the endless rock. There's alot of color variety too, red, pink, grey, white, black...
And the big horn sheep. I thought they were mountain goats, but Zion's brochure corrected me. We also saw these guys in the town near Lake Mead munching on gardens. Guess it's not the deer you have to worry about here! Those horns would definately persuade me to just let them have their fill! From Zion we were going to head to Bryce Canyon, but we ended up being in Zion longer than we expected, so when we stopped for lunch (Subway--so refreshing to have fresh veggies!) we pulled out the maps and decided to head straight to Lake Powell where campsites were still available.

On the way we took another slight detour (suprise!) and check out a BLM area that is popular for dirtbiking & off-roading (betcha didn't see that coming...) So we drove around, ok so I was driving originally getting into the place and then Cody was no longer comfortable (or just excited to off-road) and booted me from the drivers seat.  Had it not been five-thousand degrees it would have been a fun place to stay.
Arrived at Lake Powell & got to work setting up camp at around 4.

Cody won't stand for a standard E-Z Up, so he made his own!
Our home in dessert.

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