Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sincerely, Sedona

Took a drive to visit Sedona from our cheap little motel. The whole time I was singing (mostly in my head!) 'There is no Arizona', I can't remember who its by...but it goes like this: "There is no Arizona, no painted desert, no Sedona...If there was a Grand Canyon, she could fill it up with the lies he's told her...." Anywho, that's been the song stuck in my head lately. Here's a recap of our visit to Sedona:

On the way from the Grand Canyon, we passed Bedrock City!!

We didn't go in, but Cody lifted me up to the top of the fence so I could get this shot to see what was inside!  And then it was back on the road. After checking into our motel we went into downtown Sedona for a walk around. It was full of artist shops, tourist t-shirts, candy stores but everything had that southwestern flair.

Rock Furniture!

A schmancy artsy store, super fun to browse!

Sadly, we did not find any chavelas here...And then it began to rain like mad again so it was back to the truck for Plan B: Pick up a pizza and chill in the motel.

YUM. If you're ever in Munds Park, Az check out their pizza place--there's only one, and it's right next to the first (of only two) gas stations when you get off the highway. Well worth the long wait at this local hub. Next stop: Happy Jack!!

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  1. We took a road trip in June and passed Bedrock City too!!!
    We didn't go there but it was cool to see your pictures of it!