Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little more SoCal Please!

Got a great tour  of Long Beach from Chris & Phyllis (FYI it's not nearly as ghetto as Snoop Dog thinks..I didn't even see any ghetto!). We visited some great little hole in the wall restaurants. There'yre more like snack shacks built in front of the owner's homes. If you're ever in town stop at MVP's for sandwiches and 4th Street Mexican.
In between eating, we drove into downtown and got up close & personal to the Queen Mary. 
(painted dolphins)
 (a wooden airplane commissioned by Walt Disney is was housed in here!)
(2nd largest mural, 1st largest is painted on the roof!)
Then we went up to Signal Hill to look out all over the valley. By the way Chris needs to buy a double-decker bus, he has allll the facts down about this area!
After that we took Tanner to a dog beach in Huntington. It was so nice to be on the beach again! As beautiful as everything else we visited was, nothing beats the beach! It was (almost) like coming home!! Tanner definately enjoyed himself too.
After  our fun in the sun with our highschool buddies, it was off to pay the grandparents a visit! We got the grand tour of their new-ish home and all of the fabulous updates they made to it!  Swimming, a tour of Tustin (an ADORABLE town, by the way...) more BBQ (which if you're like us, you never tire of!) and Pawnstars. Yes, it was a great visit! So I did take a group photo, but I promised her (grandma) that I wouldn't put it online because it was after we had gone swimming and you know what that does to the hair! Oh and a little side note here, so when we were younger she would pay us each $5 to smile for a family photo. Yeah. GENIUS!! She has some great, old family photos because of it. I am SO doing that whenever I get to be a Grandma.
So this is another cool thing: my grandparents are very patriotic. And they keep 4th of July-esque decor up from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Love it! Copying that too! 

On a lower note...we left Tustin to make a slow trek up the coast. Buuuttt by the time we got to Ventura (about 2 hours away) we started to hear another funky noise from under the hood. So we got a campsite for the night and hoped & prayed the truck would still start in the morning so we could make back to our temporary home in Santa Cruz.  But first we spent our last evening  relaxing & laughing as much as possible to conclude our trip!

 We started a marathon game of rummy (first to 1000!) but it became a very intricate round, and we only made it to 300!!
 Our  slug-bug was pretty worn out from the fun weekend, he tried to fight it, but eventually drifted off to sleep!

And we made it home! :) But stopped at the beach on the way (suprise, suprise...) for some more frolicking in the surf. Ok so Cody doesn't frolick....but Tanner definately does! 
Now for that transmision work....happy, happy, joy, joy!

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