Friday, August 26, 2011

The Steel Dining Chairs Face-Off

It's been well established that I'm a cheapo frugal, vey frugal. So you can only imagine my excitement when I got slapped in the face today. Started off with a dream session in Anthropologie & Pottey Barn. As fun as it is to walk around there, it can also be a little depressing--a $30 votive candle?? Seriously?!!! I mean sure, maybe it really was made in The Amazon by spider monkeys with precious gold rooted eucalyptus trees....but I just CAN'T do it. So it was off to Cost Plus/World Market, whatever they're name is--don't you wish they would just pick one? And I found the perfect comparison and in-yo-face example of why you must always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS shop around for the best deal on your favorite look.

Tolix™ Cafe Chair

Steel Dining Chairs $245 each @ Pottery Barn

Jackson Metal Tub Chair | World Market

Metal Dining Chair (also sold in Red) $109 @ World Market


Honestly, there were about 50 things I could have compared/contrasted between the stores price-wise. Save yourself from the store-hopping and just hit up World Market! They have awesome housewares in every style, fun jewelry (which we ALL know I'm a sucker for), and fun wines & snacks. What more could you ask from a frugal-mart?!

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