Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clearance Couture: "Blogger Style"

I have been wanting to try this head wrap trend for a while now, seems like its the blogger thing to do anyways.. Kind of fun. Especially since I have LOTS of scarves...I usually find them for a dollar or two each so they're pretty much irresistible. I keep saying I will make a blanket or something with them one day. This is the same reasoning I use for buying (almost) every Coca-cola shirt I come across...Oh my poor closet.

By the way, my $20 a month shopping limit? Yeah, it's out the window. Gone, baby gone. There are just way too many good thrift stores in my new neighborhood. Still not spending a whole lot, but definitely spending more than $20...

Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack, $16
Floral Tank: Old Navy $4
Bangles: Flea Market
Nail Polish: Slate by Insta-Dry (my new favorite brand of quick dry polish)


  1. Cool scarf idea! Hey, congrats on lasting as long as you did on the $20 a month budget!

  2. Thank you!! I wish I could have gone the whole year, but I just don't have the will power for it, I guess!