Friday, September 14, 2012

Floating Shelves

This little 'privacy corner' really needed a little something. So thanks to a handy hubby--we now have floating shelves! We had extra wood, its just part of being married to a carpenter, and the previous owners left behind extra paint making this project basically free! We measured the wall and decided a height of about 5 feet and 5 inches would suit quite well. I originally envisioned 3 shelves, but when we marked it out, it would have been a little on the cramped side, visually. 

Since we didn't want to see any hardware, Cody gooped up the shelves with Liquid Nails and we slid the shelves right into place. And then we realized the glue doesn't dry instantly. So I stood on the toilet trying to hold slimy shelves against a slimy wall while he ran to get some nails. He tacked those in place to support the planks while the glue dried. And then we had to fish a few nails out of the toilet too. It was a comical 5 minutes of scrambling and smearing glue everywhere!

But now the glue has dried. Cody sanded the excess away, patched and touched everything up with paint. This 'quickie' project actually took a few weeks of little time windows when other projects and mole/gopher hunting could rest. And these shelves, two weeks after completion are still bare. It's like when you get a great new pair of shoes, and you save them for that perfect day.

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  1. I like the analogy! And the shelves, they look really cool!