Thursday, September 6, 2012

Couch Swapping

Not to be confused with clothes swapping, although both events are equally exciting! Not to mention I happened to do both on the same day this past weekend. I feel quite lucky to have friends with tastes similar to mine, it makes free upgrades a whole lot easier!

(Moving day! Before the mass of boxes)

Oh and I finally hung my forest art scored at Ross a while back. It definitely needs friends on that wall, one step at a time....(Don't look at the mass of wires hanging from the TV! Those will be hidden soon--I hope!)

I am really loving the footprint of this couch in our family room. More than person can stretch out on the couch at once which means nobody has to sit on the floor anymore! We do have to come up with something to keep the chaise side from slipping away since we have hardwood floors. I suppose a rug would help with that. Buuuut we are sort of hooked on the idea of getting a(nother) puppydog so I'm hesitant to get a rug right now for potty trainings sake. 


  1. The picture was the first thing I noticed, as I had last seen it atop the china cabinent on your blog. Another boxer, or a different breed?

    1. Yep, finally hung it up! We're definitely in love with boxers, but we're open!