Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fruit Kabobs

Even though summer is officially over, we Californians get to celebrate the outdoors for a bit longer. BBQ season lasts to nearly Thanksgiving most years. One of my go-to contributions to potluck style grilling gatherings are fruit-kabobs. They're easy to eat while mingling and don't take up too much space on your plate for the important stuff, like the meat ;) 

Skewers make a random hodgepodge of fruits look contained and purposeful. I usually try to get a variety of colors in the fruit I buy. I do always include canned pineapple, because I just love that stuff and I also usually skewer marshmallows too. However, if you're going to use marshmallows, they tend to get soggy with the fruit juice so make those varieties day of your party. And you can get all organized and create a pattern and make a picture with your kabobs (like the American flag or something) if you really want to be fancy!

Lots to say about fruit-kabobs! Do you have a go-to fruit combo for kabobs or fruit salad?

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  1. I love this idea, those look so good! And we grill year round here, the 'winter' is so much more milder than what we're used to. We tried grilling in the winter in Missouri (where we lived for a little bit in between Kansas and here) a couple of times when it was seriously cold, and the fire wouldn't even get going. That is non-grilling weather. ;) But ya, it's not really potluck type grilling weather in the colder months here, as in people hanging outside together.