Friday, February 1, 2013

My Shop: Official "Before" Tour

I figured it would be a lot easier to understand my shop dream ramblings if you have a general idea of the space. The room I will be using for my shop is sectioned off from the rest of garage and leads to the backyard. It currently has a peaked ceiling which opens to the full garage. Forgot to take a picture of that, but we will be capping that off to avoid floating sawdust on 'my' side anyhow. So here is an official before tour and you can see for yourself the little yellow story I've started in there.

Still A LOT of organizing and purging to do. Can I improve my image by assuring you one of those monster black bags is for an upcoming clothing swap and one of those boxes is headed for donation? Plus we need outlets, better lighting, insulation, know the luxuries of life. But we'll get there.

And on a whole 'nother topic, this is happening.

Taking the paint plunge in the bathroom. I'm 80% sure I like it. Haha. It's just quite the jump from white walls, so I think once I adjust my eyeballs we'll be all good!

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