Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Maternity & Newborn Photos

I thought it would be fitting to end this year of blogging by (finally) sharing our maternity and newborn photos! Having our son Luke was the major event this year and we are so super pleased with Kandace of Kandace Photography for capturing our excitement! Visit her website & blog here to see more of her special moments and information. 

We met for maternity photos in August and took the timing to also celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! Kandace made the whole shoot so much fun, it was like having our wedding photos done again. Really tempting to just post all of the pictures, here's the 'small batch'...if you would like to see them all, I will gladly have you over for a slide show on our flat screen TV. Seriously, just so in love with them all!

And then we had her over to our home to photograph our little guy at three weeks old! He was supposed to be sleeping for the shoot, but he was a good little newborn and slept all of the night before!! We tried every trick; warm bottle, rocking, heart beat/uterus swooshing sounds...He was set on showing his big blue eyes the whole time. And having his hands in his face. Kandace had no hesitation changing up the agenda and working with our wide eyed guy. And in the end it totally worked out, this is Luke's personality--awake and ready to live it up!

So there you have it! Thanks for hanging in there and getting alllll the way to the end! One more though, can we just take a moment and enjoy this side by side?!

I have no idea if Kandace did this on purpose, but we're going to say she did. I am completely in love with it.

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  1. Beautiful family, gorgeous photography. I'm expecting a post soon covering which ones you chose to display in your home and how you creatively did so without wallpapering every inch of wall space with them. :)