Friday, December 23, 2011

Brown Paper Packages, Tied Up with Strings.....

This week took on the tone of a handmade holiday, so why not round it out with DIY giftwrap? I focused this year on one of my favorite looks, brown paper & string. It's simple, a little rustic and totally budget friendly.

For my first round I re-used a paper grocery bag. Then, for a bow I typed out "Merry Christmas" in a festive looking font and colored it green. I cut the printed paper into strips and twisted each strip into a figure eight, securing with tape.  And for the center I cut a piece of tinsel and plunked it down in there.

And for my second go-around, I used brown paper lunch sacks. I bought 100 of them for $3! So ya'll are going to be gettin' your gifts in brown paper sacks for a while! And used plain old bakers twine for my bows.

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