Friday, December 16, 2011

Clearance Couture: Family Photos & Goodwill

On one of my inevitable Goodwill stops, I found a lumber-jane jacket! And I just had to have it. Counted out $7.99 and the 'theme' of this years Christmas photo was inspired, planned & shopped for in about 3 minutes. Allow me to explain, my husband has many nicknames. Most of them revolve around the outdoorsy-man's man sort of thing: Mountain Man, Lumber Jack, Wyoming (since his name is Cody), etc. And to top it off, he happens to wear boots and those plaid, insulated jackets quite a bit. So when I spotted a female lumber-jack jacket (aka lumber-jane), it was a MUST-DO! A good friend of mine, who also happens to be pretty darn good at photography (lucky me!) took our photos. I couldn't be happier with the results. 

Ashley (AshWhitePhotography) is so creative and keeps everything fun and flowing. The result: candid-real-smiling faces. And on top of that, she was totally patient with our ADD dog. Tanner was terribly distracted by sticks and leaves and squirrels and the occasional car. Watch this:
"I smell something!!"

"What's over there?!!!!"

"Please guys, let me go get it!!"

(Panting in anticipation and straining against our death grip.)

"Fine, I will look at you (camera)"

"I'm done"

Haha! I love that Cody and I are in the exact same spot with the exact same smile and Tanner is all over the place. I know I'm going overboard a bit showing you a bajillion pics of my doggie, but he's our baby. See?

Doesn't this give you the "look at our new-born baby" vibe? Ahhh...someday...


  1. Yep, totally getting that vibe from the last pic! That'll be way cool when you guys have kids! And Ashley is way talented, definitely going to have to hire her sometime in the future. I'm thinking especially when I'm done having kids, I want a really nice family picture to hang up on the wall. Love your pics btw! It's cool that you embrace his mountainness. :)

  2. hahaha I love that Tanner's head is on a swivel!! and YES total baby look in the last one! I can't wait till your lumber jack is wrapped around a future little girl's finger! Umm tu-tu's and ponies are in that tough man's future. Pretty sure.

  3. Thanks ladies, for being just as excited for babies as me!Nice to know that I am not alone :)