Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More DIY Gifts

Last year was our first Handmade Christmas. We made a variety of items, mostly edible gifts. The one I did manage to get a picture of was the coaster sets my husband and I made together. We came across some scrap wood and cut it into 3x3 squares and covered them with spray shellac. Then we put clear furniture feet on the corners of the bottom of each one.

We packaged up sets of either 4 or 6. We had six types of wood, so each set had one of each: oak, pine, redwood, padouk, birch & mahogany. Both my husband and I come from carpenter families, so this was an especially fun gift to give. Plus, it was an occasion where my husband was more involved with the gift giving and knew what was wrapped under the tree!

I also made a set of wine charms by cutting rings off a mini-slinky (found at Beverly's craft store) and strung on a different color bead to make a set of 6. The end result was very similiar to these:

I also purchased some plain glass containers and gave out a few different goodies: Grandma's Chex Mix, a dry bbq rub and peppermint bark.

Last, we purchased some un-treated cedar fence boards and cut them down to size for grilling planks. And then I wrapped everything in re-usable shopping bags. This year, however, I have not been so energetic in my handmade gifts. I will fill you in after Christmas--don't want to give too much away! Are any of you making anything for Christmas gifts this year?

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