Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Wrap-Up & Personalized Monograms

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to celebrate with all those you love! It's always a whirlwind season for me, and this year was no different. But I do think this year was pretty succesful! I feel super spoiled by all that I received this year. And I'm pretty sure I say that every year!
My family pretty much rocks.

Whenever I give gifts, especially when the gift is something I've made, I get horribly anxious, worrisome and a bit panicky for about 24 hours before giving the gift. And, again, this year was no different! I'm so grateful my hubby knows me well enough to quickly calm me down and bring me back to planet Earth before I cause too much damage.

We didn't stick to strictly handmade this year, like we did last year. I threw in some giftcards & a few quirky items and there was lots of bark too!  I also allowed others to make my gifts for me by purchasing jewelry from a fair-trade craft show (this one).
The jewelry was definitely a hit and with the huge selection, I was able to find items that fit each woman.

For our brothers, we made Personalized Monograms with trinkets representing their interests. I purchased shadow box frames, cut poster board to size and krazy glued/hot glued pieces to form the first letter of their name. It went a little something like this:
"A" out of internal computer parts.

"J" out of guitar picks.

"C" out of legos.

and "M" with a bike chain (which I failed to get a photo of....)

I was honest-to-goodness freaking out over these because a) in my head the idea looked way cooler and b) these guys like functional things, and these were decorative...But I'm excited to say they were all surprised and happy! And I was surprisingly happy. I like to think I know them well enough to know it was genuine!

And now that all is said and done, I am exhausted.
And I can't wait for next year already!

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