Monday, December 5, 2011

Clearance Couture: The Whole Enchilada

In an effort to show you some more complete outfits with my clearance finds, I made a point of A) putting together an outfit worthy of a photo and B) actually remembering to take a photo of it. Quite the accomplishment. There have been several (ok, maybe too many to count) times where I do put together a nice ensemble and then never photograph it. Although I must say its not too difficult to put a clearance outfit together now, since
basically my entire closet is cleance, thift or trade.
But back to my accomplishment she is!
And now for the breakdown:
Nude Pumps: $14.99 at Burlington Coat Factory
Wide leg/high waisted jeans: $11.49 at Old Navy
White long-sleeved shirt: $8 at Target
Necklace: $10 at a Christmas Faire
(came with earings too, but I lost them already...yet another reason
not to pay too much for clothing & accessories!)
Aaaaaand THE PINK WOOL COAT(!!!!!!!): $3
at a rummage sale in Santa Cruz
(just a so-so score with a Banana Republic biggie)

Grand Total (w/ tax): $52.48

Not exaclty the WOWZA dollar amount I was hoping for, could have done much better on the jeans & shoes, I suppose. But still pretty good I guess, considering the wool coat alone was probably a few hundred dollars at least at retail.  Plus, that silky floral pink lining totally took my breath away.
And let me just take a quick rabbit trail and thank everyone again who complimented the socks of me & my coat yesterday! I honestly began to feel the need to take it off so as to keep my head from getting to large and exploding! I felt it a bit of a risk to wear this coat simply because its pink. The hubs doesn't particularly care for the color, so I try to avoid wearing it. However, at $3 I just could not resist. So I knew, for both of those reasons, it would have to be a thought out day to debut it. I actually found & purchased it back in August, and didn't wear it till now--December! Oh and for the record, I did get a compliment from the hubby too!


  1. Lookin good, love the outfit!

  2. You look darling! Such a classic look on a young and classy gal. So proud of who you have become. Oh, and the pink coat, a huge score in any girls best estimation. Whether or not the hubby approves. But he is right, it is worth his compliment....=+)

  3. SO cute!!! How have you not worn that jacket to work!?!?! I guess its a good thing, I already want to mug you for your clothes as it is.