Friday, December 9, 2011

Endless Inspiration at the Flea Market

I could talk to death over ideas flowing from these photos. So instead of totally blabbing your ear off today, I'm going to try this 'pictures say a thousand words' thing and not interrupt. 

China & Glassware (spunk up your collection or use for crafts)!

Dessert stands from china & glassware ready to-go 
if you're not ready to DIY it.

Jewelry! Wear as is, or dissemble & reassemble as you see fit.

Grab a vintage fur coat to go with your jewelry!

And a belt! (or add jewelry to the belt...!)

Time for the garden. Or rather dream of growing a green thumb someday.
I should try cacti, I bet those are hard to kill.

These planter boxes are totally inspiring. Both to DIY and to plant.

Home decor should always include a bit of nostalgia...Coca-cola in my case.

Or Pyrex.

Or a Navajo rug.

And how cool are these already worn in bats & gloves!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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