Wednesday, January 18, 2012

$20.06 spent in January 2012

My strategy for spending less money ($20 limit!) on clothing this year is to A) just stay AWAY from the mall & tempting stores and B) only buy items I truly, truly LOVE. I made it about two weeks. And then there it was, the extra 30% off all clearance ginormous and colorful poster sucking me into Old Navy. And there went my $20. Ok so I went over by $0.06...but only because of California's high sales tax, you won't hold that against me, will you? Here are the goods!

These purple velvet flats cost me $5.59. I'm not completely sold on the bow, makes them look a bit too much like slippers, I think. So a little re-working (possibly adding some bling?!) is in order for these and I will keep ya posted.

And then.......(drum roll, please!)................

Ta-Da!! Remember this?! The $50 sweater I was drooling over? Yes, it was there, the second-to-last-one, I might add. And now its mine, all mine for $12.94! 

Just noticed I didn't even take off the tag before snapping this pic! Guess I was a tad-bit excited (paired it with a sweater I got at a clothing swap, $5 jeans from last year & my biggest splurge ever--cowboy cowgirl boots). 

So, who is else is taking this challenge with me? How are you doing with it? I guess I should let you know that I added a "rule": if you don't spend your $20 one month it rolls over into the next month, BUT you can't pre-spend your money for future months either...This way if you can muster up the self-control, you could get a really awesome something for like $40 or more! But only if you really want to...


  1. I had to smile when I saw you got this sweater you had wanted, because didn't you buy a slightly different gray one while you were waiting?:) It is so exciting to finally get that item that you've been eyeing for awhile though!! At a good price, I should add. And ya, maybe tax shouldn't count...

  2. Dang! Caught in the act! Yes, I did splurge on another sweater while I was waiting...Guess that's what happens I blab about everything on here! No more secrets :)

  3. LOL, yep, busted! ;) It's all good.