Monday, January 16, 2012

Rough & Ready

There seems to be a baby fever in my little circle of people I know. And since I'm not a part of the club yet, my mind just wanders to what I may be into for future nursery themes. I played around a bit with a girly nursery before, and so its time I do the same for a little bambino-boy. In all of the photos I've looked through (and its been lots!) it seems the trick to a successful boys room is to make it baby-cutesy without going too feminine. At this very moment, my mind is hovering over a red or orangey color scheme for a boy: SF Niners (WOOOOO-HOOOO!!!)

(found here)
and/or SF Giants, KTM & Honda Moto-cross Racing... I know thats a lot of influences, but a little reference here and there throughout the room would be fun. Something in this sort of direction:

Pinned Image

And I totally love this sheet set too.

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It'll be interesting to see what I actually end up doing when its my turn to get in the game. Hormones have been known to change a woman!


Tempting to just go all out like this here:

Good thing I've got lots of time to simmer down...

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