Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY Shoe Rack

Brag Alert: My hubby made a shoe rack for me this weekend. It's not quite complete, still in the painting stages, so he was not to thrilled when I whipped out my camera to snap some pics. He took a 1x12 and cut it in half to make two 1x6's for the front & back and then put in 24" dowels (5/8", I believe) as tiers for  my shoes.  The dowels are staggered so my heels can hang over and the sole will have a platform. I know that sounds confusing, when its all done and in-place with my shoesies I will post an update pic. The rectangle cut outs on the ends are to allow visilbility should I want to put in the closet vertically instead of horizonatally. He knows me so well. But so far here's what all my excitement is about!

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