Thursday, May 24, 2012

Backyard Dreams

Our house hunt has narrowed, and nothing's official but I can't help dreaming of ideas for our (almost) backyard. Two things in particular.

planter boxes--cody has a vegetable garden planned!

Well, this one is more Cody's plan. He's the one with the plant skills. But we both love the idea of raised planter beds, especially since our dog thinks he is a cow. He likes to graze, and we'd prefer he doesn't do so with our cilantro (or whatever else we plant).

backyard chickens--Hopefully!

And the chickens are definitely my  plan....or dream? Cody's not all that thrilled. But I've assured him he will be convinced with an omelet? He did have a slightly traumatizing job of tearing out a huge, rat-infested chicken coop. In the rain. So I can understand the aversion! I will just continue to gaze longingly at my cousin & friends chicken coops and lovely colored eggs...


  1. I totally agree with the chicken idea, I mean you get free eggs, omelets, chicken, and an alarm clock!
    All for free. =)

  2. Happy to have your support! ;)