Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clearance Couture & April Allowance Part 2

The remaining $10 of April shopping funds went to Forever 21 for this sheer, blush colored bow-tie blouse. And I totally lucked out to have it match a recent earrings purchase! I should also mention that those $5 Target jeans that are a part of almost every outfit...they're not the same jeans..well they are but, I bought 6 pairs for $5 when they were on clearance last fall!! Thanks, Katy for helping me capture another full outfit to share!


  1. I'm really loving the backdrop in the first picture, with the green hills and everything, nice! Where did you go for this photo shoot?

  2. This was behind the train museum in downtown Niles (Fremont). BEAUTIFUL grassy area & yummy ice-cream too!