Friday, May 11, 2012

Last Minute Mother's Day

So, what are you doing for Mother's Day? I've deviated a bit from my original plan...more to come on that next week! In case you're in a pinch, here are some quick ideas I'm sure any mother would love!

Fancy up her camera strap (tutorial here)
DIY Camera Strap

DIY Mousepad (tutorial here)

Custom tea, have fun with flavors! (Tutorial here)

These washer plates would be a fun accent hanging in your trees too! Maybe they'd help scare off birds from getting all the first fruits? (tutorial here)

All that really matters is that we show our mamma's some appreciation for the hard work they do! That could be anything from a hug to a new car! But seriously, the greatest gifts are the ones that are thoughtful. Does your family have a Mother's Day tradition? Breakfast in bed? House cleaning? A beach day?


  1. A new car... I'll have to mention that to my kids. ;)

  2. Haha, yes that would be the quite the mothers day!