Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Clearance Couture & April Allowance Part 1

So I went ahead and spent my April funds within like the first week and a half of the month. This $20 thing has become torture. It seems like everything in stores this year is waaaay cuter than previous years. Maybe it's just because I can't buy it?!! Sort of like when you want a certain new car and all the sudden everywhere you go, you see twenty of them? Happy to report that I stuck to it and stayed under $20 (two items & $19.99 spent) and even happier to report that I am 1/3 of the way through my harder-than-I-thought 2012 shopping challenge! 

Purchase #1:

I am nothing if not a lover of wraps. Seriously, I am the Sweater Queen. This $10 tri-colored brown wrap is thin & stretchy and has a pajama like comfort that you can get away with in public! I wore it with a bunch of other previous almost-stealing purchases. And a special thanks to Katy for taking my picture! Yes, Katy who bakes wonderful cookies & designs pretty logos can also work a fancy camera. Thanks to her help, I'm trying to deliver more full outfit photos with my clearance purchases. So much easier (and fun!) to do this with a friend rather than racing against the self-timer!

And speaking of fun--a little B & W drama.

Wrap from TJ Maxx//Flats from Urban Outfitters //$5 Target jeans//White Cami//Goodwill Belt//Turquoise Jewelry


  1. Cute outfit! I like how the green bench brings out your eyes too, I bet that was planned, huh. :)

  2. Wow! Definitely did not notice that til you mentioned it!!!