Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clearance Couture: Goodwill Again

Picked up this lace tank from the Goodwill last fall for $3.99 and its been a fun addition to my wardrobe. I recently dug it out again when I was returning all my winter sweaters to storage to make room for all my spring/summer tops and dresses. The best part about that is my closet feels brand new again! I think May's $20 shopping allowance is going to be much easier--I might not even need it. Ha! Yeah right!!!

I paired it up with some old faithfuls, that hopefully you're not sick of seeing! My boots actually are starting to fall apart at the seams...the sole on my left boot is separating and the achilles heel portion of the right boot gives me a blister every time I wear them. I guess that's what happens after 4 years of wearing them almost nonstop! I will have to look into getting them repaired, I just don't think I could completely replace them. I mean, they were a birthday/wedding gift after all! 

Lace tank: Goodwill // Jeans: Target // Boots: BootBarn // Purse: Clothing Swap

(photo by Katy!)