Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Little Brickwork

We've had this dirt patch/path leading up to our front door that's been one of those welcome home eyesores. 

On our move-in weekend my cousin & brothers went to town demolishing a brick almost bbq structure. So we've also had a pile of brick on the side yard & another pile in the backyard. Are you putting it all together now? 

I didn't do the greatest job, but its much better than a section of dirt. It doesn't really work as a walkway because I didn't level the dirt underneath. I literally just plopped bricks and brick crumbles ontop of the dirt. Eventually we would like to have this all be a solid walk-way connecting to the driveway, but for now it works! And it was quite nice to make such a big visual difference without having to run to the hardware or home improvement store. I think they're starting to recognize us down there. The neighborhood taco truck even knows who we are now.


  1. I agree, looks better than the dirt. Good job! And I love the last sentence of this post. :)

  2. Thanks! Yes, the taco truck has become our Friday night thing... :)