Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cowboy Caviar

This past weekend was full of parties! We celebrated Cody's birthday (which is really today!) and I also had a summer BBQ for work. Food prepping for a crowd can be a little tricky and long-winded. But I managed to find something easy and impressively yummy--Cowboy Caviar (found here through Pinterest). I combined all but the avocado the night before the BBQ to lighten my 'day of' to-do list.

In addition to the obvious ingredients (corn, tomato, black beans & avocado) the recipe calls for green onion, garlic salt and Tapatio. I also added lime, just because it seemed necessary! It was amazingly refreshing and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Plus, it's almost a meal on its own. And since we now have our own avocado tree I think this concoction will become a staple! Still waiting for ours to grow some more and ripen....


  1. Looks so good! I like your name for it too. Wondering on the avocado tree--do they ripen on the tree, or do they finish ripening after being picked?

  2. This does look really good! I'm going to have to remember to try it sometime.
    (oops, this is Shelly on Grace's account)

  3. Thank you! And I think the avocados finish ripening off the tree, right now ours are about the size of figs.