Friday, August 10, 2012

Fortunate Furniture Finds

A little update on our new furniture pieces as promised! First, I've gratefully inherited my grandparents china cabinet. It's a beautiful, solidly crafted vintage piece that I am so excited to have in our home. My grandparents bought it shortly after their wedding, meaning its about 50 years old! It's the perfect size (literally, it wouldn't have fit if it was a hair larger) for the little nook-ish corner in our dining area. 

And no, the painting from Ross is not going to live there permanently--just wanted to get it off the floor! There are some pretty serious reflections in the glass here, but bear with me while I take a moment to show off ;)

Re-locating much of my glassware opened up a whole cabinet in the kitchen, so now I have a pantry cabinet! Woohoo! Much less clutter on our bookcase/open-air pantry now. I am still playing around with how to arrange/how much to put into the china cabinet. But Pinterest will come in handy for that, I'm sure!

Definitely needs some re-arranging/simplifying/de-cluttering. But for now its been nice to see a lot of my favorite items all together (especially the colored pieces). I've got quite a mixture of Coca-cola, wedding gifts and pieces from Cody's and my own grandmother's pieces.

Our next addition is not so petite, and to Cody's disappointment--not so sturdily built (its partially particle board--oops!). But for $60 off craigslist I still think it was a good buy. I mean, what could be worse than cardboard boxes?! At least we can get all of our (ok just mine) clothes out of boxes and put away. 

It's pretty massive. Barely fit down the hallway and through the door. And it's set up inside to be used for a some tweaking is needed. But again, better than cardboard boxes. And I know the scale of our furniture is all off in our bedroom, I can see David Bromstad cringing at my furniture placement. Just got to keep scooting things around til the room flows a bit more. The smaller dresser/secretary to the bottom left of the second to last photo has since been moved out to the garage--not sure what to do with that piece quite yet.

So there they are! I am happy to have our belongings more at home now too. One big happy family, and wow do I have a lot of stuff. I think a round or two of giving away is in order too!

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  1. I like the china cabinet! And wow, how awesome that it just fit! I love happenings like that. Cool that you're getting some space to store things in your room; I like that cabinet too.