Monday, August 6, 2012

Magazines & Nail Polish

I have quite a few update posts in need of serious organization. Every spare moment has been spent working on something or another, and I keep jumping from one project to the next so it doesn't feel like any one thing is finished. I did manage to carve out some time get my nails done and read magazines though! Sometimes wet nail polish is the only thing that forces me to be still for a bit.

I'm sort of boring and predictable when it comes to nail polish (usually red toenails, clear fingernails). I admire those of you who can go bold and do patterns and crackle and turquoise. This is about as loud as it gets, and I kinda like it! Of course as I'm writing this, my fingernails are all chipped and less-than-fantastic. Naturally. But, I've scheduled a date with myself, the couch and my laptop so I can get our new furniture (!!!) and new bedding (I CHOSE A COLOR!!!!!!) out in the open ASAP. And I found my way back to my $20 per month shopping budget too :)

1 comment:

  1. Pretty nails! I don't like wearing polish as it feels weighty on me, but my girls sure seem to like it a lot. :)