Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July Clothing Allowance

I'm pretty sure I bought this in July. Honestly it could have been August 1st. But I'm not sure. So we'll just count this for July because it's still early August and I didn't shop at all in July. Ok, lie--I bought a 75th Anniversary for the Golden Gate Bridge with my cousins when we spent the day on Pier 39. Anywho...I scooped up these pieces from The American Cancer Society store. It's a khaki blazer ($6, Target brand--Mossimo follows me) and a faintly printed blue floral scarf ($3). 

I also picked up these magazines ($1 each) & Ansel Adams photo booklet ($3). I really loved the prints on the back of the Cook's magazines and I'm a sucker for Ansel Adams Yosemite photos. 

Plus, the Yosemite mini-book has 4 great shots of Half Dome in different seasons, it was a must buy. And its just in time for our anniversary on Thursday! Probably won't have those photos framed in time, but I still have good intentions and high expectations :)

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