Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Laundry Hamper

I stumbled across this wire basket of sorts at the Goodwill and thought with the proper lining it would make the perfect hamper for Luke's room. The basket set me back $3.50 and then it was just waiting to find the perfect fabric. That happened to be a month or so later at my local HOPE store. And the fabric turned out to be a king sized pillowcases. Talk about an easy project!!

I had red and blue striped ribbon already on hand (thank you Michael's dollar bin). All it took was snipping the pillowcase to make four 'corners', threading the ribbon through and tying off to the wire basket rim. The pillowcase came in a set of three (typical thrift store style!). But this way I can untie the entire lining pocket and throw everything into the wash at once. Just another sucess story to encourage you to keep your eyes open and shop ahead at your local thrift stores. This entire project cost $8. You really never know how perfect a cast off item will turn out to be for your home. Although, I walk a fine line (and often fall off of) between buying smart and straight hoarding. Fortunately thrift store pricing is quite affordable, so if the item turns out to be a dust collector its no big deal to just donate it right back. Now that's some real community service for ya! ;)

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