Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Budget Friendly Art

Lately, it seems, I'm being stalked by budget friendly wall art opportunities. I'm deeply in love with artwork collaged on a specific wall or hallway in any given home. The beauty of grouped artwork is that smaller pieces become one large focal point & statement. And they can be absolutely anything you want it to be: multi-colored or monochromatic, linear, abstract or shaped (outline of heart), a mixture of photos, mementos and traditional art pieces...
Scrapbook Paper (found here)
Cute fabric scraps on canvas
Fabric scraps (found here)
Scrapbook Paper + Cupcake Punch (would be super cute with butterflies too!)
(found here)
love the little titles
Family baby photos (found here)
painted shoebox lids - cheaper than canvas
Painted shoe box lids!! (found here)
initials framed with scrapbook paper! cute idea!
Monograms with scrapbook paper background.
(found here)
frame pressed botanicals
Pressed flowers (found here)
frame mismatched family heirloom plates
Framed heirloom plates, perfect when there's only a few left!
(found here)
 I want to do this for all my favorite places or all the places we've traveled....what a great idea.
To remember where you've traveled or lived. (found here)
love this
Just plain cool! (found here)
Love the yellow
Mix leaning & hanging photos (found here)
crayons through a hot glue gun...
Crayons + Hot Glue Gun (found here)
what a great idea!
Decoupaged Monogram (found here)
made from washers. so clever and unique!
Monogram w/ washers! (found here)
they look like wonderful plates...
Embroidery hoops! (found here)

A little bit of everything has flow with all white frames & matting (found here)

More framed scrapbook paper (found here)

You may have noticed in these photos that anything can be turned into artwork.

*A greeting card in a large frame with matting (really digging the cards at Trader Joe's lately)
*scrapbook paper or fabric (get fat quarters for a ready-to-go square shape on the cheap!)
*shadow boxes (would love to frame my husbands football jersey!)
*fun advertisements (Coca-cola anyone??)
*children's art work
*maps of significant places for your family
*numbers or dates sentimental to your family (just scored some metal plaques with mine & Cody's birth years on them from Cody's dad!)
*wrapping paper/wall paper samples
*record sleeves (like this one I found at the Goodwill!)
* t-shirts or baby clothing
*calendar prints--this is a great way to collage within a theme, I've got several Coca-cola calendars (but of course!) and I recently picked up a calendar with vintage style floral drawings (courtesy of Border's closing). You can really score big if you shop for calendars of the previous year or mid-way through the current year.
*old & new family photos
*BIG monograms
*family recipes (I have a stack of my grandmother's handwritten recipes for her glorious creation,s such as Red Velvet Cake, that I would love to hang in a dining room or kitchen down the road...)

Whatever you love can be transformed to be on your wall and not clutter on shelves. Thanks for hangin in there on this loooong-winded post! If for some reason you're like me and just can't ever seem to get enough inspo, go to my Pinterest page and get a peek inside my brain to see what else is cookin' (it's pretty much the whole supermarket...)

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