Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Found Treasure

Took a walk down the railroad tracks recently and I found some fun track & train pieces to do *something* with. A nut, a "J" hook piece (can't make up our minds on what it was used for), a railroad nail & a bolt.
 There were actually tons of nails along the tracks so I switched mine out a few times for the least rusty possible. I wasn't sure how rusted through the other pieces were, but the hubs said he would give them a polish on the wire wheel and then we could cover up remaining rust with some spray paint. Buuut they turned out pretty cool with polishing alone!
They're shiny too, which is always a win for me. I considered rounding off the end of the nail because it could be one heck of a weapon, but even with a rounded edge it'd be enough to knock somebody out so, for now, I left it as is. The "J hook" went to my brother, Joey--naturally. And I'm not sure what I want to do with the nail, bolt & nut. The nut could be a fun paperweight. And I'm really unsure about painting them too. I was thinking of doing something realistic like black or silver paint, but what would hot pink look like? So they will remain in their natural, polished state while I make up my mind...

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