Friday, February 10, 2012

A Hearty Valentines Day

Valentines Day is one of those holidays people either love or hate. I think the best holidays, gifts and celebrations are when it's evident there was a lot of thought put into it. Whether its an evening at home relaxing with the one you love (or even your family!) or something more extravagant--like a fancy night out, it truly is the thought that counts. Cody and I have celebrated Valentine's Day differently every year, just whatever fits that time around. A few festive touches are all you really need, and lots can be done with just a  heart shaped cookie cutter or freely cut hearts.

brownie mix on bottom, strawberry cake in the middle and icing. Easy.

heart to heart

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Easy heart garland, using a just stapler

Chocolate covered rice krispies treats


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heart gloves

So how about we don't get so serious about this holiday of love and just have a little fun with it! Simple and sweet, its the thought that counts. 
What are you doing to celebrate this year?


  1. Cool pics! I would especially like the brownie right now, I totally need to make some as I've been craving them for awhile... The rice krispie pop is a fun idea!
    The girls are here with me, so I asked them what their favorite is. Hayley couldn't decide between the cookies & pops, but then decided the pops win, and Ada likes the two-toned cupcake best.
    I like giving a gift to each family member, not always chocolate or a valentine, but actually most of the time something that is a Valentine Day color. So like this year Jeremy will be getting some red running clothes, and I got the girls new church bags with pink on them that I'll put some fun things in. Well, I guess the thing I got for Seth is blue, but that's ok, he won't know. :)