Monday, February 13, 2012

Heart on My Sleeve(s)

Corny title, I know. But you should know that I love all things corny. I've been collecting fabric for quite some time now and when I was sick last week I got bored enough to start (gasp!) cutting some of it up. For a good cause of course. I wanted to embellish a plain white tee for a fun, yet not over the top, nod to Valentines Day. And you can't beat a F-R-E-E closet update by using stuff you already hoarded own.

Ta-da! Took me about 30 minutes, and it would probably take less time if you're head wasn't full of gunk like mine was. It went down like this: 
Put shirt on
Make a dot on the center of your elbow
Take shirt off
Cut a paper template to get the size of the heart right
Trace paper heart onto fabric and cut it out
Pin it and sew it on.

Personally, I like the whole ragged edge look so I didn't even bother trying to cut an allowance and sew the raw edges under. So if you've got an plain tee hanging around--and I know you do--you have no excuses to not be festive on Love Day!

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