Monday, February 6, 2012

Closet Staples

Instead of searching for the latest and greatest closet steal at the stores, it's forcing me to notice the items that I already own and turn to most often. I've noticed I have a uniform of sorts. Cowboy boots and a leather jacket. Yeah, doesn't exactly sound like the girly-girl me I'm usually described as. But I think thats the fun part--taking a couple tough items to pair with my lace, ruffles, frills, and sparkles.

Here the only thing that really girlies the outfit up is my gold layered necklace. But I think you still get the idea. The boots I bought with my hubby, we each got a pair right before our wedding as a birthday/wedding gift. And I've worn them so often the sole is starting to seperate. Seriously, I wear them almost everyday. I purchased them almost 4 years ago, but I believe they were between $90-$100. Made my stomach hurt to swipe my card, but after all this time they are my most versatile purchase.

(Dan Post style 3211, if you're wondering)

And my jacket. This was one of those pieces that threw itself into my hands and I just couldn't deny its plea. I first spotted it at Heritage and it was 50% off at $60, I totally adored it but just couldn't swallow the price tag. A few months later, I had completely forgotten about the jacket by the way, I walked into the same store and low and behold--there it was. Still waiting for me! And this time it was an extra 50% off, yes it was $30. Yeah, how could I not buy it?!  And so that is how my favorite jacket and boot combo came to be. And may we all continue to live happily ever after.


  1. You two and your cowboy boots, it's cute! God knew you two would be a good match. :)

  2. Yes! They are the most comfy shoes on the planet, I'm telling you!