Monday, December 31, 2012


The past couple of years have been nothing short of excitement for our household. I was really struck with the 'difference a year can make' this summer on June 29th.

June 29th, 2011 (Roadtrip begins!)

June, 29th 2012 (Home-ownership begins!)

A big woah moment. Who does that? We sold off or stored all of our belongings for a road trip that went a little haywire and one year later we got the keys to our first home. Just plain crazy. But I love it and I love our life.

On another note...since I didn't do so well this year on my shopping challenge, I have decided to not take on anything too strict for myself in 2013. My goal this year is to slow it down and enjoy each day. Some of you already know that I left my full time job earlier this month. Cody & I want to adjust to less income as a little trial before starting our own family. I am excited and really nervous to have all this spare time ahead of me. But I am so extremely grateful to have this oppurtunity to explore activities my desk job couldn't offer me. I have some pretty big dreams!

$20/Month Shopping Challenge Breakdowns

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