Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finishing Touches

Added a whole 'nother layer to our Christmas decor last week. I figure I might as well slather it on while I can! I re-discovered these pinecone ball ornaments from last year and replaced them onto the drapery knobs. They're much more substantial than the single pinecone I had there originally and they look so much better! I also added them to the tiered plate stand ontop of the china cabinet. They just stand out so much more. Love it. And they're glittery, who doesn't love that?

Last week I found a bag of glittery gold star garland pieces for only $2. So if you have to ask, yes that came home with me. I added that atop the drapes for more glitter detail. One of the strars fell off, and I couldn't bear to throw the little guy away so he joined the mix & matching on the cube wall. And since it's seriously bugging me, yes I shrunk my drapes. I have flood pants for window coverings now. I will need to fix that next year (buy new ones or add fabric for a color block effect? Haven't decided).


I still have to finish my jar gifts, but my Christmas Bucket list is dwindling down. It's an accomplishment and little sad at the same time that this season ran by so quickly! Adding to that, the persimmons are finally ripe! Picked one bucket full so far. Now what to do with all of those?!!

Cut down & decorate a Christmas tree
Decorate the house inside & out 
Jar Gifts
Spend time with family
Celebrate my brother Joey's birthday--Today's to do!!
Send out Christmas cards
Go to a Christmas program (either visit our old church or a new local one, both?) and remember the reason for this season!

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