Friday, October 7, 2011

Clothes Swap Party

Tomorrow I'm attending a clothes swap party. I hosted one about a year ago and a few of my friends who attended are now taking turns hosting. We're on a routine of doing so about every 6 months. Admit it you have clothes in the back corner of your closet that aren't being worn and you feel guilty everytime you see them. And although I am big a supporter of donating to the Goodwill & other various charities, there's certain items that you kind of still want around...does that make sense to anyone but me? In other words seeing that stunning blouse on a friend is fun way to keep it in your life. Maybe I'm a wierdo, but I felt this way with lots of the clothes I've gave my cousin. Whenever I see her in one of my gifted sundresses I feel excited to see a beautiful woman I care about enjoying the piece as much I did. And yes, there is a tinge of jealousy there, but honestly I know my dress is in better hands and has a 'life' vs. collecting wrinkles in the back of my closet! 
(psst! there's even an evite for this!)
It's a really fun twist to a girls night: fruity drinks, desserts and munchies and couches covered with items up for grabs. Go all out and transform your living room into a boutique! Designate a bedroom for a changing room, gather all the mirrors into one or two rooms near the swap items and organize like items together. Each attendee does their part to bring a few pieces (could be anything from cardigans to jeans to shoes to purses to jewelry) that are still in good condition, they just need to be flaunted! It's really fun to see that funky pair of flats, that I couldn't make work for myself, look stunning and perfecto on a friend! You could easily adapt this to children's/maternity wear, crafting supplies, kitchen gadgets, etc. Or make it a themed party where everyone brings shoes or purses!

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