Monday, October 24, 2011

Stylish Storage

 I work in adorable downtown Los Gatos. With all the cute boutiques & specialty shops, my lunch hour is spent in dreamland. I keep seeing (online & magazines) ideas for decorative storage, using overlooked or even 'trash' for new purposes. During a dream session in a certain foodie dream store, I got to thinkin' how fun would those pinch & prep bowls, bread & tart pans be for holding little items? Mainly, I was imagining jewelry--seperate bowls for rings, bangles, etc. Or even hair clips & bobby pins. Cotton balls & Q-tips?  They're already in cool finishes like stainless steel, stoneware and colored ceramics. Or you could even spray-paint the stainless steel containers to any color imaginable. I can visualize a few varied sizes grouped together on the bathroom counter, or maybe even corralled on a platter or dessert stand. Here are a few of the items that made my lunch hour magical:

(ignore the figs!)

Just in case you aren't following my drift, here's a rough picture to what I had in my head (although this has started all manner of new brainstorms....)
Found it here.
Pinned Image

Oh, if only......

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