Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY: Time Capsule Christmas Ornament

My husband and I have a tradition of making (ok, ok, I give ideas & he makes it) a christmas ornament to represent something of that particular year for the tree. I hope one day my tree is full of them, so far we have 3, soon to be 4! With Christmas coming up (66 DAYS!) I've been doing a lot of thinking on this years events and how we can translate that into an ornament. And at the same time, I was trying to think of a sentimental gift for my cousin's wedding. So those two trains of thought collided. And this was the result of the crash:

Basically, I cut up the wedding invitation into strips of varying sizes (followed the changing size of script) and rolled them with a pencil, slipped them inside the glass ball ornament. And voila! An updated version of the tried & true "Our First Christmas" ornament. Took all of 10 minutes and would be super cute for many occasions: baby shower invites, graduation announcements, etc. I'm thinkin I need to dig out the extra copies of my own wedding invite and make one of these for myself! And you know I'd love to, but I can't take all the credit for this, found it here

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