Friday, October 28, 2011

Through the Milk Glass

Scored on my first two pieces of milk glass for $2.50 each at a rummage sale! I had to do a little work for these. On day one of the sale, they were $7 each. On day two, all items left over were going to be 50% off. I really liked these pieces, but I just wasn't sure I wanted to fork over $14...So I semi-hid them behind other large pieces of glassware and crossed my fingers they'd be there the next day!  And it worked! So the two pieces 50% should have been $7 for both items ($3.50 each)...buuut I purposefully brought a $5 bill and was able to make a bargain!

Not sure where these cuties are going to find a home, bathroom perhaps? I seem to have bathroom counter organization on the brain lately. I do love that they seem to have just enough in common and just enough opposites. But wherever they end up, they're some nice trophies to remind me of my bargaining win! I actually use this hide-and-seek method quite a bit when I'm not sure if I reeaalllyy want to purchase an item. If it's still there when I make time to come back to store (usually a week? or however long till payday!)  then I know I'm meant to have it. It's really the perfect plan. 1) it makes you think about the item (which means you actually do really like it) or 2) forget about the item (which usually means you don't really like it or need it!) Does anyone else do this??

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