Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Veggie Bread Cups

Finally made something inspired by the countless hours I've lost on Pinterest! I actually whipped these up for the Clothing Swap this past weekend (yay for two post preps in one day!). Basically, looked at a photo and ran with it--my favorite way to 'cook'. But if you're one of those 'by-the-book' people here's my shopping list (all from Trader Joe's of course!):
1 Bell pepper
1 Cucumber
Bag of baby carrots
Couple handfuls of string beans
Sunflower seed bread
Onion dip (coulda made my own..but this one said "carmelized"!!)
*Makes 12 servings*
Sliced the bread so that one end is diagonal. Should have taken a photo of this, but basically I cut the bread into 3 equal sections and then cut a diagonal in each to make 6 'bowls' per loaf. This way you have a flat side for it to sit upright and some lumbar support for your standing veggies.
Cut out a hole from the diagonal side of the bread. Kind of had to squish the innards of the bread to make a more defined veggie space. 
Filled the bread cavity with onion dip and stuck the veggies in.

 A couple of tips/things I will modify next time:
1) Cut the cucumber shorter/stockier so it stands up a little better.
(I had to brace a few with green beans and at the end of the night one
lonely bread cup was left with floppy cucumber. Gross.)
2) Reduce amount of dip--had some overflow once I stuck the veggies in.
3) Try some other breads/dips/veggies,
maybe work a cherry tomato in there somehow...

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  1. Super cool idea! Love that you can grab one and carry it with you. Portable veggies & dip, genius. And that bread from TJ is a fav at our place.