Monday, October 10, 2011

Clothing Swap Success!!

 The clothing swap this past weekend was crazy successful! This was my third one, and so far each one has been better than before! I came away this time with new clothes and a few new friends. What more could you ask for? We had a great mix of clothing styles & needs from newly pregnant to celebrating weight loss goals. Everyone pitched in to provide drinks and appetizers & desserts as well. I won't overload you with all the details of the fabulous pieces I came home with, here's just a taste!

If you can se past my terrible self portrait skillz (mirror and all!), I think this top is such a fun surprise! I would not have taken a second glance at this in the store--ok well maybe if it was under $5 because I pretty much try on anything with that price. But needless to say I was pleasently surprised with the fit and flow, especially.  And who doesn't love a little back cut out every now & then? Of course this could easily be layered for a more modest & colorful spin if needed.

Now regardless of your style, you're pretty much guranteed to enjoy the fun and good company that are inevitable at a clothing swap. Even if it turns into a competition for the most hideous outfit! So call your girls and start diggin through your closet! Stat!

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