Monday, November 7, 2011

Clearance Couture @ Goodwill

I know it hasn't been all that long since my last 'splurge' at the Goodwill, but a new one opened nearby and I just can't get enough of it! It's super clean, spacious & they have an awesome selection. Photographic  evidence (convinced my brother to take this in between a light saber war) :

Blue Mossimo (Target!) Dress for $6.99

Since it's getting to be rather chilly out (by Califronia standards, mind you), I paired it with a long sleeve tee, tights & boots.  Tights & boots pretty much go with any dress in your closet, or maybe just mine. I tend to weigh that option whenever shopping.  I debated belting the waist, but decided a long necklace was enough instead. My jewelry (except for my $2 flea market bangles) is from a direct sales company I used to sell for (not sure if these pieces are still carried) & my boots were a fabulous gift from a co-worker who bought them here.  But regardless what's from where, I wanted to prove that I don't just buy heavily discounted 'couture' for the joy of spending minimal funds, I actually wear it all too!

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