Monday, November 14, 2011

Pinterest vs. Gawker

Never thought I would say this buuut...Pinterest has a serious competitor!!! A good friend introduced me to Gawker over the weekend. I've thoroughly enjoyed leafing through its 4 categories: wedding, dwelling, crafts & food. It's definitely a different site of photo-ispo altogether, allow me to explain.

1) Submissions are sent in for approval before being posted on the site, as opposed to simply "pinning" an item as done on Pinterest. This I can appreciate, it helps to not have so many repeats on the site, which if you spend as much time as I do online, you're bound to see the same things like 5 times a day (it seems, guess this means I spend waaay too much time online huh?). On the other hand, the power to pin anything you deem pin-able is pretty darn fun. So I'm on the fence here.  Gawker has a more editorial look and Pinterest has that + the down-home photos.

2) I had to register for each of the 4 gawkerverse sites individually (if you want to find me, my name is AmericanWoman, as I'm sure you could have guessed.) Again, I'm on the fence about this. It's kind of a pain to log in 4 times (but maybe I just failed in my tech skills and didn't register correctly), and I enjoy the ease of clicking whatever pin board I want at any given time on Pinterest. But, if all you care about it food or crafts (or weddings or dwelling) then Gawker allows to streamline your search results simply by logging in.

I'm curious to know if any of you use Gawker or Pinterest, I'd love to hear your comments on this too. Knowing me, I will continue using both because I just can't get enough of these alternatives to monthly magazines! Plus Gawker has photos that Pinterest doesn't, and Pinterest has photos that Gawker doesn't. And I will  not be the one to miss out!

And because I couldn't possibly make this an all-words post, here's a recent Holiday Cookie photo-inspo from both Gawker & Pinterest!
Soft Molasses Cookies

genius decorating idea


  1. Love the cookies with the slotted spatulas! GENIUS!

  2. yea, its one of those "wish i had thought of that" moments!