Monday, November 21, 2011

Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving is only 2 days away and with all the focus on groceries, recipes and getting the bird thawed, decorations are probobly the last thing on your mind! A simple place card will spruce up your table without taking up too much space on the table. I prefer not telling guests where to sit,  so I would write something Thanksgivingy instead of names (Give Thanks, Grateful for You!...) Or even just have a basket full and let guests grab a little something on their way out the door.
thanksgiving placecard for kids
Brown paper bag + cardstock & newspaper stuffing = adorable place  cards!
(or fill with candies as a take home gift?)

Ok, now this place card is seriously simple & easy! An orange, mini pumpkin or even an acorn would be just as cute.

Pinned Image
Or an apple, maybe try a pomegranite?

Really, almost anything can become a place card. So while you're grocey shopping this week take an extra glance around the produce (or brown paper bags!) and see what sparks you!

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