Friday, November 11, 2011

Industrial Elegance

Rustic gleam is catching my eye more so than usual lately. Growing up in a carpenter's family taught me to see things for what they could be. How any raw material, trash or treasure, can be transformed into something beautiful. Thanks, Dad! I've got two specific things in mind today...

1) Wire spools for tables (photo found here). How awesome would these be sanded and lacquered with dark stain?! Larger ones would make awesome game & dining tables. I love a big round table where you can see your whole party. It just makes conversation flow when you don't have to turn your back to one neighbor or the other. And smaller spools would be a fun console or even a bedside table.

And in my internet perusing I also spotted this tool bag.
Adorable! I so want one for a purse, but I know it'll
terribly embarrass my husband....


  1. Lol "terribly embarrass" he should be proud of you!

  2. He is :) Just thinks I'm a little goofy sometimes...