Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY Bachelorette Sash

Threw a final shabang for a good friend over the weekend and decided to make a bridal sash because she is just too classy for those obnoxious store-bought wild colored versions :) Ok, I know, they have their place but I just wanted to make sure she was feeling super glam on her final weekend of freedom. So here it is!!
1. Folded tulle to about 6 inch width, wrapped it around myself to get a length I liked.
2. Then folded the ends over and sewed it together to make a loop.
3. Grabbed a ribbon topper from Michaels ($3.99 & got to use my 40% coupon on top of that! Booyah!!)
4. I tacked this down onto the sash with a few stiches, it also helped hold together the layers of tulle.
I had a silver scripted "Love" sticker that I put in the middle to give it some shimmer. And voila for $2.42 a Classy & Glam Bachelorette Sash!

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