Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Bleach Detox

So this isn't going to be a terribly exciting post for you all..but here goes it. Ever been product stalked? Kind of like when you see your dream car/truck everywhere you go? For me it's those beautiful 4-Runners, although I'm starting to develop a soft spot for Jeeps...For a while now I've been happening to run across articles and headlines on using eco-friendly cleaning products, specifically home-made vinegar solutions. I absoutely CAN NOT function if my house isn't clean. I was pretty hesitant to stray from my tried and true bleach & hot water combo. I definately push the cleaning thing to an extreme, as in I like my house to be sterile, not just clean. Bleach is my go to (avoid microbiology if you can--it will change you). Knowing I'm a bit too dependant on it, coupled with spending the weekend helping a friend move and clean like crazy, I feel like I need a detox.  So I decided to give the vinegar a fair chance. But before I went totally wild and made too many concoctions, I decided to start small.

Trial 1: vinegar & hot water mopping session.  There are various ratios out there for a vinegar mopping solution, I used a 1 cup to 2 gallon guesstimation. Here's my before pic...and yes I do mop once a week--this is just what happens when you have a drooly dog and hard working hubby.

So it doesn't look so bad in the pic...but just trust me, the floor was not looking too pretty. Now for the after shot, again unfortunately it's not too telling. But I wasn't all that impressed with the vinegar. I went I back over the floor afterwards with a rough towel Cinderella style and liked my results better. Maybe I just need a more fibrous (is that a word?) mop.

Any of you have experience with using vinegar to clean? I did find out it works well to remove sticky residue on bottles (from labels of jam & wine for my ever growing collection).  And it works great with hot water to clean out the coffee maker too. Tips & experience welcome!

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