Sunday, May 8, 2011

DIY: Sugar Baby Scrub

I cherish and savor body scrubs. They leave you feeling so luxurious. But they can also get pricey-quick! So I started hunting around to see what it takes to make one of my own. I found a great jumping off point at . Basically you eye-ball mixing sugar (either brown, white or a mix of both) with vegetable oil. The End. Nice huh? And since I'm not the type to follow directions, it was perfect for me! So here's my go at it:

1) Pour sugar into one of your stashed recycled jars. I found it easiest to stir in the oil with a half-full jar of sugar to start.

(Lookit how well that vinegar soak strips the stickers)

I cut a hole in the bottom of a coffee filter to make a funnel, or you can use a measuring cup with a pour spout to make sure all the sugar gets in the jar and not on your counter.

2.  Pour in a good amount of oil. I was nervous about it becoming too oily, but the sugar soaks up a considerable amount, so be generous.  You can also let the oil sit and work it's way down on it's own a bit before stirring.

And here's a batch almost all ready to go! I also added in a bit of vanilla for a extra enjoyment. There are plenty of oils & fragrances that can be added to this basic mix. Just take a trip to a natural foods or crafts store and you will have plenty of options to choose from.

3. Doll it up!
I spraypainted the lid (you could also cover with fabric or pretty paper) and hot glued ribbon and a label. I'm so proud of my sugar baby. This would be an awesome gift or a great addition to a gift basket. Or a fun activity at a shower, just use smaller jars to keep it short & sweet ;) Get it? Lame, I know. But seriously, I would love to receive this and I'm going to be giving it for Mother's Day this year. Anyone made scrubs before?  Oh and salt scrubs...that'll be next!


  1. I'm definatly going to do this. Not only for me but for gifts needed for every season.

  2. Alright! I would love to hear about any fun combos you come up with :)